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But since some days ago I was thinking about changing the DD-WRT firmware to OpenWrt. DD-WRT has Linux iptables built-in firewall that can be configured to filter incoming and outgoing traffic. Regular firmware updates for enhanced security.

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Use DD-WRT or Freshtomato, they both have there strong and weak points, I have used both. OpenWRT vs DD-WRT vs Tomato in 2021. Disclaimer: this post is full of sadness, and contains a very subjective opinion. The router is a crucial part of your infrastructure. And there are two things wrong with modern routers.

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DD-WRT is reported to have more bugs than Tomato, though the firmware is still as stable (if not more so) than OEM alternatives. In this Tomato vs DD-WRT article, we’ll compare two of the top third-party firmware options to see which one might be worth putting on  DD-WRT is a full-featured firmware that gives you complete control over every aspect of your router, but can be difficult to use if you’re DD-WRT was known as the most feature rich firmware of them all until Openwrt came along. Since this particular Linux based firmware has been in development for several years, stability is not usually a problem, but having a multitude of configuration options DD-WRT is easily the biggest player when it comes to open-source router firmware. They’ve been around for long enough to establish themselves, and they support more routers than anyone else. There are even people selling routers with DD-WRT already I am also aware of the DD-WRT Kong build for the RT-AC66 router.

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This firmware is one of its kind since it supports the number of DD-WRT is a Linux based firmware that is recognized as the most comprehensive option, thanks to the extensive selection of features it supports. It is a well-established and trusted solution that generally provides good stability. One thing DD-WRT has going for it over Tomato is that DD-WRT is more readily available. DD-WRT supports some Atheros-based and  DD-WRT offers the use of repeaters on alternate subnets, whereas Tomato only has the repeater bridge/WDS. And if you’re DD-WRT = Features + quite easy to install and setup through web interface. Recommended for users who need a lot of control over the network (admins  Tomato = Less features than DD-WRT but offers better stability, lightweight and overall performance.